Dianne Levick


Read what our clients say about our services and programs and
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"In my experience Dianne is a kind and caring practitioner.

I find her a wonderful Kinesiologist able and willing to provide what is needed, in a personal and unique way for me.

I am certain she would provide the same care and comfort to anyone seeking her help with their health issues.

I can honestly say I have benefited in a profound and positive way through my work with Dianne."

- Sonja Nassif, Bondi.



NAET Treatment


" We started NAET treatment when my son was two and half years old, and this treatment continued for a year approx. It benefited in so many ways and brought a lot of visible improvements.

Before this treatment my son was continually getting stys in his eyes and we didn't know the reason. He wasn't calm and had dark circles under his eyes. He looked sick although he wasn't. Eye contact was very poor. His response wasn't good when asked to do anything. He had issues with his bowels with undigested food in his stool. His hair was going white, when we started NAET, he had 6-8 white hairs, and now he has none :).

By getting NEAT, we were able to find out that our son was eating so many things he was allergic to. That was the main reason of getting one sty after another on his eyes. And now they are completely gone. His white hair turned black and I havn’t seen any hair getting white since the treatment. His eye contact has improved a lot. He has no dark circles under his eyes and he looks healthy.

With NEAT we are able to find out the deficiencies in my son and he is taking the supplements that were needed and they really worked. On first day of appointment I wasn't sure if this treatment would work but after one appointment and hearing Dianne's spot on assessment without asking anything from us, I was amazed to see how NAET works and how our son improved. 

I also had some treatments after looking at my son's improvements.

Our son's overall health improved with NAET, and he seems happier now. He is calmer and is able listening to us and understand what we are saying . We are seeing continuous improvements as our son gets his treatments every week. 

Really happy with NAET treatment and specially with Dianne and her treatment :) "

- Salman Khan



"Thanks Dianne for helping me see light at the end of life’s dark tunnels.  Thank you for your support,
guidance and clarity to help me reach a better place with more positivity."

- Erica